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Saturday, September 4, 2010

30 myles - 4.40:15

50s to 70s, clear, dry
mind/body - feeling really good
easy effort

WOW! I have never been up to the reservoir before but it was spectacular! We (CRUD group) started on West Baptist road and climbed the front range overlooking the North end of the Air Force Academy and then connected a bunch of ATV trails to the reservoir. Most (2500 ft) of the 4000 ft of climbing today was done in the first 8 myles and then a few rollers here and there. The ATV trails didn't impress me but the reservoir and the trail that goes around did. And then on the way back Rick Hessek strung together a bunch of "hidden" trails to get us back to our car. I'm telling you what between Rick, Steve, and Larry they have crisscrossed every trail in the hills surrounding Colorado Springs - don't leave home without one of them to find these gems.

One of the many fingers of the reservoir with Pikes looming

Rick and I were moving pretty good all day, in fact, we made it around the reservoir in about an hour and 1/2 (8:10 pace). Unlike last Saturday, today I stopped my watch every time we did so that I could capture moving time to estimate distance.

Rick pulling me up today.

Rick pulling me up 10 mile range one year ago today on the CT

As far as nutrition is concerned I went with this stuff again, mixed in with Powerbar Endurance drink - a total of 243 grams of CHO in 60 oz of water. Back at the car I was bone dry which means I consumed 52 g/hr and that is it. I did not consume any other food or gel -all liquid- which means this stuff really works because I felt solid all day.

So far this week 106.4 myles and I feel awesome. The last time I hit this kind of number was my first year running ultras back in 2004. I ran the Wasatch course over a weeks time for a week total of 119. I didn't see the results back then so we'll see if anything has changed. I realize it's just a number but the fact remains that I feel great and more fit than any other time this year. It's all about time on your feet my friends.

What's the deal with this sign?? Don't wanna know...

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