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Saturday, February 28, 2009

22 myles - 2.31:27

Chatfield loop + Platte loop - 10 A.M.
low 40s, slight South wind, dry
mind/body - good/good
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 2-2.5 hours with the 1st hour hard then remaining time cruise

Actual workout: 22 myles 2.31:27 avg 6:53. Chatfield 15 mile loop - 1.38:10 avg 6:32, Platte 7 mile loop 53.19 avg 7:37.

I went as hard as I could on the Chatfield loop and came up with a good time. I needed that after I had an off week. This gives me a little more confidence going into WTC in two weeks. I think it resembles the WTC course with mostly loose dirt trail/roads with a few risers, although the elevation gain only shows about 200ft (I think it's more). Needless to say it was nice to get in a rhythm for a good hour and 1/2. After the Chatfield loop I just cruised for the final 7 myles feeling pret-ty good! No chain today my friends!

I end the month of February with 264 myles, which turns out to be the most myles I've done in Feb. for the past 5 years.
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