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Thursday, February 19, 2009

11 myles - 1.18:04

Treadmill - Noon
clear, low 50s, dry
mind/body - solid
hard effort

Prescribed workout: Cut down/Kenyan work: 75 mins starting @ 7.5 MPH adding 0.1MPH/lap until LT. finish time @ 9.0MPH (6:40 pace)

Actual workout: 11 myles 78:04 avg 7:04: started at 7.0 MPH adding 0.1MPH/lap up to 9.9 MPH. Remaining 20 minutes @ 9.0 MPH (6:40 pace)

I was really looking forward to this workout because it was NEW! I really thought I could make it to 10MPH but I fell a little short - Oh well it gives me something to shoot for next time. To round out the 11 myles I did some strides at the end which consisted of 1 minute @ 10 MPH and then 30 second rest @ 7 MPH. It surprised me at how much easier I could run @ 10 MPH for at least a minute. It looks as though my workout schedule is consisting of two speed workouts per week which I think will pay off huge @ WTC.
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