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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 myles - no time

Grigs - noon
clear, snow on the ground, no wind
mind/body - surprisingly good
easy effort

The objective of the week is to work the lactic acid out either walking or running. Today I started to walk normal so I decided to see how the legs felt running - turns out pretty good! Feet are perfectly fine and besides the legs being lethargic the only soreness left is in the quads. I'm sure the speed won't return for another week or so but I should have plenty of time to get some quality work in before WTC.

Below are a couple pictures sent to me from Tammy Massie. She was taking a bunch of pictures while running the 50 mile race - you should see her pink bling-bling belt!

Probably loop 3??

I'm sorry Andy but were you gonna say something?
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