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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

6 myles - no time

Courtesy Ford - home - 8:00 a.m.
nice weather, mid 60s, clear
mind/body - feeling pretty good
easy effort

Dropped of the 'ol Ford Es-cap-ee for more work today. Seems I've been a lil hard the Barbie Jeep. I guess taking her through the rough roads of the San Juan's can break anyone down... Some fresh treads, a lil alignment, and new brakes should do the trick. Gotta get her ready for the trek out to Wasatch in a few weeks.

Unfortunately I'm not running Wasatch but fortunately I will still be part of my home town race. I'll be pacing good friend and Team manger of Pearl Izumi-Smith Aric Manning to his first 100 mile race. He picked a doozy to start with but he's up to the task as he has worked hard for the past two years to get ready for this. Wasatch was my first 100 mile race and I will never forget it.

Wasatch is about reconnecting with long time childhood friends and seeing family, to include my Wasatch family. 16 years ago while at Weber State University I was introduced to Brandon Sybrowski (Sampson) by a soccer mate. Somehow the subject of Wasatch was brought up, which I knew nothing about but was completely in awe of the race and Brandon. Two years later I paced at Wasatch and was hooked! To this day, I see Sampson not only as an icon in this sport but a true inspiration to me. I believe Sampson is going for his 17th Wasatch?? I could be wrong but it's somewhere in that neighborhood. Truly amazing!

Oh ya, I went for a little run today. See I get caught up in talking about Wasatch and I forget my train of thought. I ran home from the car dealership and felt great. Didn't push the pace, I'm just enjoying myself and feeling completely recovered.
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