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Monday, August 25, 2008

6 myles - no time

Lone Tree loop - nooner
clear, dry, BLUE skies, 80s
mind/body - ho-hum
easy effort

Been studying at home for the launch of a new product I will promoting for my job. I have come to the realization that I hate sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight - let alone studying as if I were in school again! I know it's a necessary evil but right now all I wanna do is get out in the field and have some hearty-civil conversations (arguments) with my doctors.

Having said all that, it makes getting out for a noon run all that much more enjoyable! Free from the watch. Free from the music. Free to let my mind roam with endless possibilities. As I hunker back down in front of my computer to listen to the lady on the CD, my mind is now like a sponge soaking up how I'm going to convince my doctors that my product is the best. Running, somehow, makes me better in all aspects of life. For good reason, I am a slave to running.
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