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Thursday, August 7, 2008

5 myles - 40:13

Lombard Street - 5:00 p.m.
windy, 60s, overcast, lots of O2
mind/body - good/little stiff
easy effort

The boss decided not to go running today so I thought I'd launch onto the hills of San Francisco. It's really strange to think I was running hills above 10,000 ft last week and now I'm running hills at 0 ft. The leading experts in running suggest to "live high and train low" to get the most out of boosted red blood cell count so I thought I would take full advantage.

From my hotel on the wharf,
Lombard street was about 1.5 myles away so it was a nice warm up to the hill. I didn't go down the curved bobsled side but the opposite straight up side. I blasted up the hill 5 times with an average time of 1.43. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the top and I was hardly breathing. It was a strange sensation because I felt my legs just wanting to sprint... and I honestly felt like I was sprinting. Probably could beat Tyson Gay at this point! There is something to this "live high, train low" motto but unfortunately I don't have the luxury of doing so.
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