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Monday, May 12, 2008

22 myles - 2.38:41

Daniels Park/HR loop - 9:00 a.m.
North wind, mid 70's, partly cloudy
mind/body - decent
medium effort

I mapped out a new course today, combining my standard 16 mile run down to Daniels Park and adding on the HR loop trail. As I started I wasn't sure of the distance but once I worked it out in my head I figured around 22 myles. I didn't feel the best today but then again I didn't feel the worst, just a standard long run. I averaged about 7:15/mile with about 1100ft of elevation gain. When I don't have the time to drive anywhere and I need a long run, this will be my regular. It mixes hard pack dirt roads, gravel roads, asphalt, and single track all into one run.

It was only in the mid 70's today and I still struggled with the heat a bit. I only took one bottle of water and two gels so that might be the problem. I need to get better puttin' down the H2O.
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