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Sunday, May 18, 2008

20 myles - 3.56:01

Indian/Bonneville Shoreline Trail - 7:00 a.m.
clear, breezy, 60's to start, 90's to finish
mind/body - good
easy effort

This is what it's all about: running with good friends on the home turf! Aric Manning, Scott Mendoza, and Phil Mendoza all joined me for a run on their home course. I have been looking forward to running with these guys for quite some time and they didn't disappoint.

Of all the years I lived in Utah I can't believe I've never been on these trails. The first part of the run goes back into Ogden canyon on the Indian trail. Apparently the Indians used this trail to get in and out of the canyon to get to the valley. This trail is well maintained with some awesome trail work to keep it in place, basically etched right out of the side of the cliff. If I lived in Utah this would be my staple run because it's almost 6 myles long from point to point and some good vertical both ways.

We looped back around to the cars refueled and headed South on the Bonneville Shoreline trail. Phil had done the Ogden marathon the day before so I wasn't sure how far he would go but he was chasing quails around the parking lot so I thought he'd go all 20. Phil turned around and made it a 14 mile day because apparently chasing quails takes it outta ya. Scott made it just over 14 myles and headed out before the traffic began on this highly popular mountain biking trail. Aric made it the full 20 without regret! There is nothing better for training than back to back long days and with the day Aric and I had yesterday coupled with today, he is ready to take on Squaw Peak 50 miler. I predict Aric will go under 12 hours.

As for me, I had a stellar week! I ended up with 91 myles! I did have the Achilles soreness on Wednesday which scared me a bit but it seems as if I've rebounded. I felt better on this run today towards the end than I have all week. I realize I'm at a lower altitude but I believe the 20 mile runs are starting to pay off.
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