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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

19 myles - 2.21:10

Waterton/CT - 10:30 a.m.
mid 60's, partly cloudy, muddy trail on CT
mind/body - hesitant
easy effort

Legs seemed a little heavy going out but warmed up to a decent level. In fact, I just checked my log book to find out how fast/slow my time was to Lenny's rest. Today was 56:06, which is the fastest I've clocked by 30 seconds, having said that I was a little wacky once I got up there. I had to rest and when I started again I felt a twinge in my right calf, stopped again and massaged it but it never went away. As I approached my turn around it felt like it was gonna rip in half! Turned around a little short of 10 myles and started down, going down seemed to help but I could tell it was still there. I hobbled for the next 5 myles and then all of sudden it went away. Once I finished both calves seemed tight and began to cramp a bit, not sure what's going on here. To top it off, as I write this entry an old, familiar pain has returned to my left Achilles. It hasn't hurt for 4 months and now it's a little tender. I didn't feel it running so maybe that's a good sign but now it's in my head. I will be mindful of it for the next couple of days and rest if I feel anything beyond today.
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