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Saturday, May 10, 2008

13 myles - 1.56:49

Matthew Winters - 12:30 p.m.
gusting winds, partly cloudy, low 50's
mind/body - slow to start, strong to finish
medium effort

Ran with Tim Hola of Team Timex today. Just like Brian, any time I run with Tim the pace is always pushed. Having said that, it's so rewarding when we get done. Tim is very strong going up the hills and with Matthew Winters have a few big climbs, it's right up his alley. A total of 1820 ft of ascent per loop (6.67 myles), we ended up doing two loops for a total of 3640 ft for the day. First loop was run counter clockwise in 58:33, second loop was clockwise in 58:16.

For me with Hard Rock coming up this new run is exactly what I needed. Mt. Falcon is gettin' a little old or then again maybe it's just hard and I need some other runs to forget the Falcon punishment for a while. At any rate, it was a nice two hour run with a decent amount of vertical and technical trail. I felt really good today and hope the trend continues. A total of 66 myles this week, not bad for a week out from a race.
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