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Monday, May 5, 2008

11 myles - 1.14:04

East/West HR loop trail - 10:30 a.m.
60's, no wind, light layer of clouds
mind/body - really good!
easy effort

Today was a very important run for me. Normally after a race I like to do 6 myles the next day to work out the lactic acid but since Desert RATS is coming up I thought I'd simulate a bit. The crux of Desert RATS is the 50 mile day, followed by a marathon. The trick is to get done with the 50 mile day so that you can have a day off before the marathon. (50 mile day4/5, 26.2 mile day 6) Some people will take 18 hours to do the 50 mile day and that way they won't have a day off.

Having said that, today was a day to test my multi-day running fitness. I'm here to report I felt absolutely GREAT! Legs were a little slow to respond initially but once they got going I had no soreness or tweaks of any kind. Albeit I only went 11 myles and in the race I'll have to more than double that, but I have time to get there. I think half the battle getting out the door to run is not the body but the mind. If your mind is weak, then you talk yourself out of it. I was looking forward to the run today because I wanted to judge my fitness. I'd say pretty good so far!
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