Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~6 myles - 58:27

Snow King ski hill - 7:00 PM
60s, raining, actually pleasant
mind/body - solid
easy effort

In Jackson, WY for work (wink,wink)... coming to Jackson Hole actually makes having to cover the whole state Wyoming - OK. I swear the mountain was calling my name so I got out late and climbed about 2500 ft to the top of the ski hill in town. Lots of people in town and lots of people hiking and running the trail, good to see.

In other news, I got an email today from the IAU inviting me to the IAU 50Km World Trophy final in Galway, Ireland on August 29th. Check it out Apparently my performance at Caumsett back in March earned me a paid invitation, among 39 others from around the world. I had to let them know right away so I instinctively said YES. Now that throws a curve in my current race schedule because obviously I am no longer "road" fit. So I've got basically 4 weeks to try and get fast again, which means I will probably miss the Where's Waldo 100K the week before. I can't pass the opportunity up, right? Even though my heart is with the trails and mountains right now, I've gotta ride this train all the way to the station. Thoughts? Others that I saw on the list from the U.S. were Michael Wardian, Justin Fyffe, Dan Verrington, and Ben Nephew.
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