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Saturday, July 24, 2010

18 myles - 1.59:37

Chatfield loop x2 - 11 AM
70s, clear, dry, a little wind
mind/body - eager to see what I've got
hard effort

I fully intended this run to be used as a baseline or gauge of my leg speed. I wanted to know what my comfortable, sustained pace looked like. Didn't actually turn out that way...

I took my time split for each loop at the 10K mark to get a feel for how fast/slow my pace was checking out. Loop #1 I really was relaxed and felt good about my pace but then I went through the 10K in 41:30 (6:41) - I was a little disappointed. I finished the loop in 1.01:44 (6:51) feeling good so I decided to see what I had left for the second 10K split. Loop #2 I pushed the pace to get into the red. I realize I was going from mile 10 to 16 and should slow down a bit, but I wanted to be faster... 2nd 10K split was 38:47 (6:15) and it hurt! I finished the second loop in 57:53 (6:25) and I. Was. Wrecked! This is not gonna be easy... but then again that's why we do it.

All flat.
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