Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 myles - 2.21

Jackson Hole ski resort - noon
70s, clear, dry
mind/body - loving the trails
hard effort

Yesterday was the bunny hill at Snow King so today I decided to go for the black diamond run at Jackson Hole ski resort. I took the Summit trail all the way to the top, 7.3 myles and 4200 ft of elevation gain - 1.24 to the top and 50 something down. Even though this run isn't gonna do me a bit of good in Galway, how can I run a track or flat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? So I savored every moment knowing it would be last for a while.

Summit Trail in yellow - 10

As I sit here in the JH airport I have a lot of mixed emotions about going to Ireland. No doubt I wanna go for the shear experience of it. I mean, c'mon, this doesn't happen to me and probably never will again. But at the same time I'm really nervous about my "road" fitness. I guess no sense in worrying about it, right? Just get out there and train my ass off for the next 4 weeks - period. A lot of details still to work out.

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