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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~13 myles - 2.17:03

Around Pikes - 11:00 A.M.
70s, clear, dry
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 3 hours with some hills

Actual workout: ~13 myles - 2.17:03 - avg. 10:32 ~4500 ft of elevation gain: Longs Ranch road - Bob's - Barr - Incline - J Pipe? - Longs Ranch road.

Didn't quite make it 3 hours cause once I got back to the car I just didn't feel like adding time via Waldo loop. I actually felt really strong today, running up most of Longs Ranch road. Made it to the top in 40 flat. Made it up the incline in 26 and some change. I got lost a few times trying to find the connector trail (J pipe trail?) back to Long's Ranch. Got stopped by a guy in the utilities truck who said I was trespassing and could be prosecuted. He was sayin' all this while keeping a cigarette glued to his lips - now that's talent! I told him I got lost off of Barr trail and didn't know where I was...
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