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Sunday, May 24, 2009

6 myles - 46:04

Lone Tree loop - 11:00 A.M.
70s, dry, partly cloudy
mind/body - positive/surprisingly good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 45 - 60 minutes easy effort

Actual workout: 6.2 myles - 46:04 - avg. 7:25 ~500 ft elevation gain

Today was just as important as yesterday irregardless of distance. I know my endurance has reached a new level when I can got out for 5+ hours one day and then turn around the next day and get an hour in feeling fresh. And the key there is "feeling fresh". No soreness or aches in the legs. The point for today was to finish feeling like I could have gone longer and faster.

I end the week with 76 myles, just over 13,000 ft of elevation gain, and 12.5 hours on my feet. If I can double that elevation gain before HR I will be happy. Considering I only climbed on 3 days this week, I think it's pretty doable.
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