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Saturday, May 9, 2009

17 myles - 2.39:11

Greenland/Spruce Mountain open space - 7:00 A.M.
chilly wind, mid 30s, clear
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 3.5 hours easy effort

Actual workout: 17 myles 2.39:11 avg. 9:32 easy effort

Made it out for the CRUD long run this morning. We started at Spruce Mountain open space (adjacent to Greenland) and then Rick and I did one loop over at Greenland. The Greenland 50K was going on today and fellow Pearl Izumi-Smith teammate Justin Ricks was competing in the 25K. He won while setting a new course record against a pretty tough field. Congrats Justin! Now Justin owns the 50 and 25K records so he'll have to go back next year for the 12.5K record.

Rick and I mosied around the Greenland loop, encouraged people, talked with the aid station volunteers, and got our picture taken by the race photographer. It's amazing how much slower you go when you're not racing, everyone was dropping us! The main reason Paul put a longer run in this week was to make sure nothing is broken - everything checks out fine. From this point on I'll be heading down to Pikes Peak at least once a week until HR. For the past two years I've done this and it seems to help.
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