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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bronco game on Sunday

Our friends from Utah came into town to see the Broncos play.... why? I dunno? Aric Manning got tickets from a connection of his. Great seats, 8 rows off the field and the Broncos side. Jaxon's second game and Myles first. But as you can see on Myles face, he is not too happy to be dressed in such dreadful colors. Compare to when he is dressed in Cowboy blue and silver - how 'bout dem Cowboys!! Anyhow, the Broncos squeaked another one out. I now know how Ed Hocules was paid off... Before this game I saw the zebras come out of the Bronco player lounge with Martini's in their hands. Just remember you Bronco fans - winners never cheat.

On another note, went swimming again yesterday. 6th time in the pool. (I'll stop counting when I get to 10) I just want you all to know I'm still learning and still eager to get in the pool. Jaxon went with me again, he did 9 lengths. I did 36 laps in 54 minutes this time. A little bit quicker, meaning less rest between laps. I successfully turned underwater without snorting a bunch of water. Now I just need to learn to turn closer to the wall so that I can push off. I also did 4 laps without rest. The last two laps were as fast I could go and felt great. I'm not sure how many calories I'm burning but I am sweating in the pool and completely spent by the time I get home so I know it's a good workout. Stay tuned....
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