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Thursday, October 16, 2008

8 myles - 55:13

Grigs - 11:00 a.m.
mid 60s, North wind, partly cloudy
mind/body - good
easy effort

I went to the pool yesterday and did 34 x 50 m with 30 seconds rest between sets and when I left the pool I was totally worked. I was averaging 45 seconds per 50 m (don't know if that's good or not) and stayed pretty strong throughout. The breathing is coming along but I still don't think I'm doing it right. Jaxon also came to the pool with me and did 10 laps (20 lengths).

So today when I started running I felt aerobically good. My first split was 6:36 and my perceived effort felt more like a 7 min/mile. I think as a result of swimming yesterday my lungs are working much more efficiently when I run. I also feel my posture when running is a little more upright. I'm gonna try to maintain swimming 3 times per week but when I'm running 80 myles per week I know that's gonna be tough.
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