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Friday, October 3, 2008

36 laps - around an hour

5th time in the pool so far. It took around the same amount of time to swim a mile as the previous mile swim. I attempted to turn underwater today without looking like a bafoon but I failed - I looked like a bafoon. I snorted a bunch of water, over-rotated, and was facing the same direction I was swimming. I watched the guy in the lane next to me but couldn't quite pick it up.

My breathing is becoming more normal and less hyperventilating but I still find myself completely anaerobic after 2 laps, thus I have to stop. (and just so you know, 1 lap is 2 lengths of the pool which is 50 meters) I'm breathing out both sides every other stroke while trying to keep my head in the water. Lots of things to think about but it's coming along. The last two laps today I went all out and honestly I felt better than when I go slower... maybe because I'm breathing quicker and more normal - I dunno?? Also today I got cramps in both my feet, which my mom told me she would always get.

All in all I learn something every time but most of all I'm enjoying the time spent with Jaxon. He's off track right now and is as eager as I am to get to the pool. Today he stayed in my lane the entire hour either kicking with his board or entertaining himself with these floaty things that you put between your legs.
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