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Friday, November 12, 2010

It's that time of year

Rest. The hardest part - believe it or not. I'm fit but tired. In past years I've tried to maintain my fitness without a break but have paid dearly with injuries later the next year. To top it off, I'm an official Master's runner now so the down time is vital to make it through next year. Especially considering the schedule I'm looking at.

NEW: Mackenzie Lobby from Running Times writes an article on MMTR.

Nothing set in stone except for one race, and that is The almighty Western States. I used my auto entry from MMTR and signed up this morning. Now the question is what do I want to do to build to WS?? Hmm.... As it stands right now my goal for 2011 would be to win the Montrail Ultra Cup. That means my schedule would center around all the MUC races such as: Bandera, Mt Cheaha, Way Too Cool, American River, and Ice Age. Outside of that the tough decision comes when I have to decide on Hard Rock, my favorite race. This might be the year I skip Hard Rock (because I won't be able to race it) and go for UTMB, another one on the list.

So for the next month I'll keep the blood flowing with 20-30 mile weeks, during which time I will solidify my schedule. It always comes together so I'm not too worried about it. Just time to try and relax both mentally and physically - by far the hardest part.

Also I updated my top 3 beer list. Terrapin Hopsecutioner makes the list, bumping off Gubna. Yes Gubna has been my fav. for a while but truth be told; I only had it on draft and last week I bought some cans and did not like it as much. Besides Terrapin's mascot is a vicious looking turtle. This list is getting tough! During my down time I might have to make it a top 5 or 10. C'mon now - Stone IPA or Modus Hoperandi isn't even on the list.

btw - thank you for all the comments on the MMTR post. I've been traveling so I haven't had time to respond but I appreciate all the kind words and the people I met in Virginia.
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