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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 myles - 1.17:53

Wildcat Ridge - 9:00 AM
20s, cloudy, still dry
mind/body - very good
easy effort

NEWS FLASH: Scheduled my vasectomy for December 1st @ 11:30 AM - yikes! But gotta git'er done sooner than later.

Not much exciting happening on the running front, just getting out moving the blood around. I got out Monday for 6 (7:15s) and today for 11 (7:14s) - body feels good, mind seems refreshed, and the pace seems easy. But I need to be careful not to jump into the training regimen too quickly. Grae Van Hooser left a comment that serves as a good reminder - It's a long year and with the races I have coming up I would be better suited taking it easy in the winter. I stated this right before MMTR but how quickly I forget. Speaking of schedules, Pearl Izumi announced the races they would like us to participate in for 2011:
Certainly I can't do all of them but I will base my 2011 season around these races. In particular, the two races I am focusing on are Western States and UTMB (lottery). Outside of that I will use the other races to put me in the best condition to perform at the focus events. Because of this directive you can bet there will be a heavy presence of Pearl Izumi athletes and execs. at these events. On the down side, they decided not to do a PI race series because time was short. I won't promise a series in the future but I think we got the ball rolling for something in 2012.
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