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Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching up

Hey all!

Just arrived back to civilization in Silverton! Been in the mountains being a hermit for the last week, kinda a love/hate thing. I absolutely love the tranquility of the deep mountains but hate being without my family - very lonely life. Here is what I've been doing running wise:

Monday 6/29: Half moon to Elbert - 2.58 - 11 myles - 5000ft of elevation @10K

Tuesday 6/30: Marshall Pass, Section 16 CT - 1.31 - 10 myles - 2500ft of elevation @ 11K

Wednesday 7/1: Marshall Pass, Section 15 CT - 1.10 - 8 myles - 1500ft of elevation @ 11K

Thursday 7/2: Off

Friday 7/3: Rico-Silverton to Section 25 CT - 1.59 - 11 myles - 1800ft of elevation @ 12K

Saturday 7/4: Hope Lake - 1.51 - 6 myles ~1800ft of elevation @ 12K

Sunday 7/5: South Mineral road - 58 (27:30 4 myles) - 8 myles - @ 10K

TOTAL: 54 myles - 10.5 hours - 12,600 ft of elevation.

The work is done! Might have been a tad anxious this week but I feel good and healthy! I don't like to talk about Hard Rock all too much because I think it's taboo pre-race but I will tell you that I am fitter(?)... (is that a word "fitter"?) than I ever have been going into this race. Meaning more fast hiking at elevation, tempo runs at elevation, and of course the incline.

Well see what happens...

FYI - if you wanna follow along online you can go here for the HR website or here for the twitter page.
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