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Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to the real life

Just got off a plane here in SLC this morning from Hawaii after 10 days on the island of Oahu. This capped off a month long vacation that had everything I needed to charge my battery; quality family time, a lil' running in the San Juans, a family reunion in a tropical paradise, a lil' more running in a tropical forest, playing on the beach, and bookended with lil' more family time. What more could a person want? ...OK so I also overindulged myself with all the unhealthy food and a lil' beer (just a little). To tell the truth I'm just a wee bit nervous about getting back to the real life as I may be socially inept for the first couple of days. No rest for the rested as I'm off again to Orlando for a week long work meeting. Man! I hate to see what my lawn looks like.

Since the last time I updated my blog in Oahu I was able to relax not only the mind but the body as well. I ended up running a total of 6 times for 45 myles, all of which was a very relaxed pace shaking out the legs to get back to normal. The highlight of the running was getting a taste of the HURT course at Paradise Park. I ran the out and back section on the Aihualama trail up to Pauoa flats, not very far but extremely technical. Such a stark contrast to the beauty of the San Juans. Just as beautiful but in it's own right - a tropical paradise for sure. Lush green plants and trees everywhere, along with roots and rocks - all of which were wet, wet, WET! I was so impressed with the beauty of the trail I took the entire family back the next day so they could get a taste of it - it rained the whole time and they loved it! This taste of the HURT only made me hungry for more - I will be back HURT in no time at all...

On Sunday we head back to Colorado and get back to the real life. I'm looking forward to getting home, settling in, and getting ready for my next adventure in September. Stay tuned...

Myles and Mom on the lower section of the Aihualama trail

The family at the Polynesian Culture Center

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