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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7 myles - 1.31:05

Grant-Swamp - 7:30 A.M.
clear, dry, mid 50s
mind/body - ready to go!
Easy effort

One last little hiking tune up to keep the blood flowing. I went up to Grant-Swamp via Ice Lake trail, hiking at a pretty good clip. I made it up to Island lake in an hour and then down in 1/2 the time. Nothing more I can do now. The training has been very specific this year but the sad truth is that the HR course doesn't care. She will chew me up and spit me out if I don't stay on top of things (i.e. drinking, eating, going out slow).

Karl just put his odds out and took all the pressure off of himself giving me 3-1 odds. Make no mistake about it, Karl is the favorite regardless of how tired he says his legs are. He is a multiple winner and the man is just plain tough. I look for Karl to win in the 26 hour range. Karl is a sand bagger!

And last, during my running in the last week I have had a few a number of "incidents" to include: 2 separate dog attacks (one actually bit my thigh but didn't break the skin), 2 x dead car battery, and one run-in with a delusional mountain biker. You'll have to ask me about them later. All I gotta say is "What are people thinking?"
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