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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I just can't seem to relax.

Here I am in Hawaii with my family "relaxing" ever since Hard Rock and my mind is still racing. I guess week in and week out of hammering away, the body just doesn't understand this "relaxing" stuff. I'm finding out that relaxing is hard work and requires training to be good at it.

It took until Thursday of eating and drinking whatever I wanted to get the bug to run again, running 6,7, and 8 myles the last 3 days along Waikiki beach up to Diamond Head. Each run I start slow trying to talk myself out of going any faster but by the end of the run I'm running under 7 pace without hardly breathing. I guess coming from 10k to sea level can have that effect.

At any rate, I don't have any racing plans on the immediate horizon but my mind is telling my body that I'm in great shape and I should find something. It just so happens I will be in Utah next Saturday during the Speed Goat 50K so I may call Karl up to be a late race day entry. I feel good right now and my mind is fresh despite HR. I also have been thinking about getting over to the HURT 100 course while I'm here to preview it for next year.

Last, I wanna thank all of you who commented and read my blog. I really appreciate all the kind words. Each time I write a race report I hope that I can give you a glimpse to live vicariously through me, pain and triumph.

That's all for now. Big Luau at the family reunion tonight so time to eat more and drink some secret Adric Hawaiian potion.
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