Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Monday, July 28, 2008

6 myles - 53:21

Mt. Falcon - noon
mid 80's, partly cloudy, dry
mind/body - ready/ready to go
easy effort

Went up to the shelter and back via Turkey trot, 31:08 up and 22:13 down. As you can see, I did not push the pace I merely wanted to see how the legs felt after 1/2 hour of uphill.... felt good and seems like the legs are recovered. I say that now but 25 myles a day for 4 days will be the true test as to whether they are recovered.

Has anyone been up Mt. Falcon lately? Notice anything different? I noticed the rocks on the trail are disappearing and it's becoming a super highway - they might as well pave it at this point! Someone has put in some serious hours to remove all those rocks! So much for those gnarly, ballistic, out-of-control, face plant downhills. Gotta find a new place....
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