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Saturday, July 26, 2008

10 K - 42:08

Lone Tree loop - 9 a.m.
upper 70s, partly cloudy, no wind
mind/body - normal/feeling good
medium effort

Not an official race today. Just racing my ghost for the fastest time on this course. I thought a little tempo work would shake out all the kinks and any residual dead legs I still may have. I felt pretty solid from the get go, clocking a 17.24 on the actual loop (17:12 is the fastest I've done this 2.7 mile loop). I really pushed hard up the hills to take me into the anaerobic zone for a bit then backed if off. Overall my time was the fastest I've done this loop so that's a positive sign heading into Mtn. RATS.

In regards to Mtn. RATS no sense for me going any longer since it's just right around the corner. I might as well just get in a few more short runs to keep the legs moving and then see what I have for the race. I'm really not sure how my body is going to react....
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