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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I saw a bumper sticker today that read "Why is OUR oil under THEIR sand?" (insert sarcasm) I laughed out loud to myself. And then I laughed harder when I started thinking.... hmm, it's a bumper sticker.... on a CAR nonetheless... HA! How ironic.

If you haven't noticed my training is on the right column, if you're interested. Once in there you will click the box next to "show workouts" and then hit "submit". It will show you all kinds of data of my runs: HR, time spent in HR zones, elevation, pace, map, distance, all that kind of stuff. There are two tabs at the top right: summary and map/graph to show you specifics. Also, I have pushed the daily workouts over to Twitter (right column) as well for your viewing pleasure. Workouts have been going good; running every day while trying to reset the metabolism with mellow runs.

Also for your viewing pleasure, below are a couple of pics so you can see the awesomeness of my MexiStache! Too bad I couldn't keep it around.


After - Bew. Chicka. Bew. Bew.

This is what I was going for. I guess when I grow up to be a real bandito huh?

Some of the goodness I've been eating.
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