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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ponderous Posterior Fat Ass 50K

The last stop in the Fat Ass series here in Colorado happened yesterday in Colorado Springs. Apparently there was a Fat Ass race in Boulder last week but I didn't know anything about it. First off, thanks to Tony for getting the ball rolling on this series to join in with all the Fat Ass races that happen all over the nation at this time of the year. And second, thanks to JT and Nick for hosting these events and marking each of the courses.

For those of you who don't know anything about this series it truly is just a gathering of runners who have been slacking in the winter months and is fully intended to get people off the couch and back into the groove.

Just like Nick had done in the El Chubbo Grande, JT sent people off in three waves so that everyone could get back at the same time and enjoy some food and brewski's. Roughly 90 people showed up with the 7 AM and 8 AM waves holding most of the people. The small elite group at 9 AM was just that "elite" with Tony, Joe, Scott, and a few other notables.

I chose the 8 AM wave knowing I wanted to keep the HR below 160 for most of the time as I am right in the middle of reseting my metabolism so I didn't want to blow it. I ran the whole day with Justin Ricks who just nabbed at 2.21 marathon PR at CIM so I knew I'd just be holding on with his speed. But it was nice, pretty much all day, with an average HR of 151. I did have to scale it back a bit as Justin powered up Longs Ranch road, I was tapping out at 172 bpm so I resorted to walking some on the second 1/2 of the steep, snowy slope. Coming down Barr trail was a little tricky because of the ice patches; if you try to slow down then you slip, if you get going too fast, it's an all out yard sale. Neither of us fell as we tip-toed down pretty quick and then proceeded onto Intemann trail. Still 25 myles in we were cruising and my HR was still around 145 so I was happy that I felt good and could still keep the HR down. We did take a minor detour onto section 16 and then toured Red Rocks perimeter to add on a mile or so. Someone had pulled the flagging so me missed a critical left hand turn as did Gangels and BFish. Bonus myles right? Justin and I ended up coming away with the fastest time, but again, this is extremely casual and no racing was ever going on. Although JT did make some trophies

TP came with it

All in all it was a fun time running, catching up with Justin during, and then the little Soiree that ensued afterwards. I had some of the best home brew I have ever tasted that rivals some of the best craft breweries around. George Zack crafted a very nice IPA in which he calls EPO-IPA. It was nice to finally meet him after reading his blog for two years. Good to catch up with BFish, Gangels, Patrick Garcia, Tony, FF, Scott J, Joe G, all the CRUD guys. Also nice to meet new people and put faces to names. Up next Hagg Lake 50K

My watch says 32.07 myles and 7638 ft of climbing
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