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Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 3-9, 2010

Second full of week of training and I'm well on my way to a good year... Yeah only two weeks in but I feel great. I've run every day since Christmas and each day I look forward to getting out. I feel strong, healthy, and revived after a short hiatus through November and December. At 41 I'll take healthy and strong all day long! My approach to training has changed a bit this year with Lucho as my co-pilot, HR training early in the year is teaching me something that I have overlooked in years past. I'm building to Western States right now and building means a good base and NOT peaking too early. Most of my runs for the last week has been very mellow keeping the HR between 135-155. It's much harder to keep the HR above 135 on the downhills and serves as a good reminder to not get complacent. In addition, I have been doing core training such as: one legged jump rope, crunches, band resistant workouts with the legs, and jack knifes. It's all been good and a refreshed approach. I know the coming weeks will have me begging for mercy with some leg turnover stuff but for now it's building the endurance and taking the right nutrition in. Here's what this week looked like:

82.73 myles
12.13 hours
13,622 ft of climbing

On another note, my Utah Mexican friend sent me this picture. Apparently he has taken my place as this top honor. Congrats Mi Amigo!

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