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Sunday, January 2, 2011

8.5 myles - 1.08:35

Highline Canal - 9 AM
20s, overcast, tracked snow
mind/body - clear/lower back tight
easy effort

Met up with Tim Long this morning for a casual, flat run along the Highline Canal. Tim had just done a segment on 9 News (4:40 mark) for McDavid (compression and recovery) so he was on my side of town and up for a run. It's amazing how time goes by when your running with someone, as opposed to being alone (with music) most of the time - it's nice to mix it up with good company and good conversation. Among other things, we talked about doing an FKT on the 66 mile Highline Canal sometime in April that would be some good training for the upcoming season.

This run caps off a great building week for me - 82.33 myles, 11.25 hours. Besides the lower back being stiff today and minor ache in the left arch/heel, I feel great. Always going to be some niggles here and there so I just have to be mindful and take care of them.
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