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Saturday, June 12, 2010

18 myles - 3.13:49

Manitou Springs - 7:30 A.M.
50s, raining, sloppy
mind/body - strong
easy effort

I woke up at 5 AM, looked out the window, and almost let the weather talk me out of running today. Weather reports were predicting rain all day. I took a chance thinking Colorado Springs might be clear of the storm... I was right to begin with but as the day progressed and the higher I got, the wetter it got. My route was Longs-Bob's-Barr-Barr camp-Addaman rock-Barr-Incline-J pipe-Longs. In all about 5000 ft of climbing. I went in to talk with Neal and Teresa and who do I find sitting the corner drinking a beer?? Yep JT. Nah, just kidding, he wasn't drinking a beer... we talked shop and then I followed him out to Addaman Rock via Elk Park. Obviously above 10,000 ft it was colder but also wetter so I quickly made my way down. Also ran into Andy Henshaw who is gearing up for the Western States show down. Talk about dark horse, he'll be one to watch.

Anyways had to rush home to catch the USA/England World Cup game... hind sight I should have not even bothered. US played terrible! Should have lost, thanks for the gift Green. The US weren't making runs into open space, they weren't clearing out of the back, they were simply trying to play over the top and use speed - doesn't work against one of the world's best team. Donovan and Dempsey need to stop being so selfish and LAZY! Mark UP for hells sake! OK, I'll get off the bitching session but it pisses me off that the US sucked so bad. Bright spot was Tim Howard, really saved them. On another note, how about Bafana-Bafana's goal yesterday? First goal of the World Cup might just be the best!

Myles watching the World Cup with his favorite jersey - Ajax
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