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Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 31 - Feb 6

It's official. I did not apply to Hardrock this year. For the first time in 7 years there will be no suspense... but truth be told, this was the first year I had an automatic entry so either way there would not have been suspense. I remember a few years ago I started #34 on the wait list and got in the day before - lots of gray hairs after that one. Sure I could have taken a slot this year but that would have been completely selfish being two weeks after Western States, knowing my body, and the recover time needed. I've only got so many races left in me before I'm done and I want to experience Western States. With the record number of applicants who are in the same position I have been many times over, better to give someone else a chance this year. The Hardrock 100 is a special race and the San Juan's are a special place so why not grow the Hardrock family and let someone else experience the world's greatest high alpine running event. Good luck to all in the lottery today.

Training for me this week has been great! For the entire month of January I have been building a very solid base with most of my runs just under 8 pace with an avg. HR of 145. Sure I've been anxious to get some leg turn over and finally got a taste to end the week. Lucho is ratcheting down the bolts! The run today was after two days of trudging through snow and lots-o-elevation gain so (needless to say) tired legs. But today just really confirmed what I have been building towards - being able to run between 6:15s and 6:30s during the second half of a longer run. Add in the core workouts almost every day and I feel fit not only strength wise but aerobically as well. Here is how the this week looked:

Thursday - 8 myles Kansas City TM (missed 2nd run today)

Total - 83 myles, 12hrs 19 mins, 9134 ft of climbing

I miss you everyday Cooper

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