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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 21 -27

Not much of a recovery week but that's the plan. I figure my body will continue to get stronger as I keep the time and mileage up even during and after race weeks. It's tricky though. Lucho checked on me a couple of times before he gave me my weekly training to make sure I had no extra niggles (Nick Clarkism) and away we went. So here is what the week looked like:

Monday - 4 myles Grigs + Dry Sauna
Tuesday - 6 myles Wichita TM
Wednesday - 8 myles Bluffs
Friday - AM 5+ myles NCAR
AM #2 11 myles Boulder Res.

Total - 79 myles, 11 hrs 30 mins, 6907 ft of climbing

I had minimal soreness from the race, just stiff on Monday. So what's the big difference? I think it's two fold; running everyday and the use of Optygen. But I'm able to run everyday because of the Optygen (recovery). To top it off not all my runs are not at breakneck speed. Remember the article "Want speed? Slow down!" I firmly believe in this strategy along side HR training. It's taken some time to get used to but after my Hagg Lake result - I believe!

2011 Pearl Izumi Ultrarunning team

This last weekend was also the Pearl Izumi Ultra Running team summit. What a great time with Ian, Josh, Timothy, Darcy, Nick, and Ashley. Kody and Aric did an amazing job to pull all the details together - thanks guys! Also got some great seminars by our sponsors: First Endurance, High Gear, and all the peeps over at Pearl Izumi. Learned a lot! Wait till you see the photos that Eric Wynn took on the team runs - best I've seen in a while. That's it for now. I am in lovely San Francisco for a weeks worth of training - Hellow Treadmill!

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