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Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 7 - 13

This week in training:

PM 4 myles SouthRidge TM

Total - 79 myles, 10 hrs 55 mins, 3431 ft of climbing

Not much of a taper a week before a race eh? It's true because the goal is not Hagg Lake but rather Western States so I can't be taking two weeks to taper and then one week to recover every time I race. With only 20 weeks left until Western I need every day to count. Strong words of advice from Lucho. I saw Nick Clark's approach to Western last year, basically training through every race no matter the distance with 100+ myles for 15 or so weeks. I need that base and I feel like I'm right on track. To tell you the truth I feel stronger now than I ever have before. 6 weeks into the build up towards Western and here is a snap shot of my weeks: 82, 79, 69, 85, 83, and 79 myles.

A couple of major difference to my fitness, I think, is 1) MAF HR approach. MAF stands for maximum aerobic function and rather than me botch the explanation, just read this article entitled "Want Speed? Slow Down!" and you will get an idea of the approach to my base building. It has been tough because all I wanna do is go but that will come and I know this, I've seen a small sampling in my training. I can hit 5:40s at the end of a two hour run with a 165 HR and not feel completely taxed. Another difference to my fitness is 2) my focus on nutrition during the run. Lucho has been giving me detailed workouts with specific nutrition and hydration instructions, for instance "take 1 gel 10 minutes before you start and hydrate with 20 oz of water...." something like that. You would think it's common knowledge to do these things and stay up on nutrition AND HYDRATION during training but it's easy to get complacent. And truth be told, you need to train like you race.

So what do I expect from Hagg Lake? Well based on previous times of runners I know, I would expect something in the low 3.40s. But apparently times can be significantly slower during lots of rain so we will see what the weather brings. Dan Olmstead, Neil Olsen, Scott Wolfe, and Rod Bien will all be there to push the pace so I am looking forward to something fast. Also I plan on wearing a HR monitor the whole time (but not pay attention to) just for collecting data and see if my fitness matches my HR. Last, my weight is down to 156 flat. That is ideal racing weight for me! Can't wait!

Oh, one more thing, Justin Mock wrote a great article on the Colorado trail over here. Which got me thinking about the trail again.... I'm gonna go for the FKT in 2012! I just have to give it a try now I know the trail and trail knows me.

Segment 24 before dropping down (seems like) forever to the Animas
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