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Monday, October 17, 2011

Krispy Kreme Challenge

For the last 3 years the CRUD group has felt compelled to put on some sort of eating challenge during the year end party. And each year I gladly participate. We've done 3 Chipotle burritos for fastest time, one large Domino's cheese pizza for fastest time, and obviously donuts this year for fastest time. The big difference this year was the running part - good lord!!

In fact, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is an official event back in North Carolina that started back in 2004. This year there were over 2700 finishers raising $100,000 with all proceeds going to the NC children's hospital. Great cause. Although our little outing didn't produce quite as many participants, 7 in all, maybe we will grow this event and find a worthy cause in future years.

I only had one goal - beat JT! I beat him last year but with him running a 17.20 5K (more like 4K) earlier in the morning I knew his legs were primed. I have not been doing any sort of speed training for this event but I certainly have been training the eating part since UTMB. Our course was actually 2.1 myles but whose counting right. Rick tried to get it reduced to a mile cause he was tired but we wanted to do the official challenge. Oh and before I forget, Brooks wussed out because he is apparently whooped. Neal was also a no show but probably had a legit excuse like saving someones life on Pikes.

Anyways, I took off from the start and just did what I could, and if anything, get a similar split on the second two myles. My splits were: 12:41 - 4:07 - 12:53 = 29:41. I never had the urge to throw up just a humongous side ache. One piece of advice, if you ever decide to do this, don't drink a lot of water to get the donuts down. They are caked with enough hydrogenated oils to slide down your throat pretty easy. And if they are hot you could cut the time down eating in half.

Here are the results:
  1. Scott 29:41 (will compete for the world title next year)
  2. Sean 35:45 (who also a 1/2 grump earlier in the day)
  3. Rick 36:55 (will never eat another donut)
  4. JT 39:35 (ran a 4K earlier in the day)
  5. Andy 45:01
  6. Harry 46:58 (didn't puke but spit up water and sugar substance??)
  7. Chris 56:12 (doesn't have to go home to NC now to do the challenge)

Thanks to JT and Katy for once again hosting the CRUD party! They have a great house for entertaining, especially the PI party patio. Come see the patio during the next event, The Ponderous Posterior 50K on January 14th.
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