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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hey-Hey looky here!

A new blog post that is long over due. I've been slacking only because the motivation on the running front has been extremely low. Coupled with the fact that travel for work has been maniacal. It's amazing that I used to post everyday and now I'm lucky if I get one a month. I will get better - I promise.

First things first, go here and give some feedback to Lisa Klarmann for a research project she is working on for school at the University of Bayreuth. Here is an introduction from Lisa:

Dear Runners,
by participating in this survey you are supporting a final thesis concerning choice of route, motivation, and equipment of runners. The survey is available in English, German and French. By taking part in this survey you have the opportunity to win a pair of PEARL iZUMi Peak II Trailrunning shoes!!! Thank you very much in advance and all the best for your upcoming runs.

I am extremely late in posting this so I hope the link still works, if not let me know. Lisa was part of the PI crew over in France and has done an internship at Pearl Izumi in Germany. In addition, her brother Mortiz was our Physiotherapist while in France.

Now onto my current state. My feet are still killing me. The tendon that connects my forefoot and heel is very tender each and every morning. If I run, it takes a good 15 minutes to get them to stop hurting. I am pretty sure with all the climbing at UTMB and never letting my heel hit the ground has everything to do with this problem. I'm also pretty sure I know what it is but I refuse to go to the doc. And yes Karl I have played a doctor on TV before... Karl loves it when people self diagnose.

In conjunction with the feet, the mind is just not into running right now. Over the past 8 years I have learned my body pretty well, enough to know that I need a break physically and mentally in September or October. This year it may be both months, if I want any chance of doing things I plan for next year. I ran 119 myles in September, my lowest total since I had achilles problems 3 years ago. But when I look back on this year I've run 2711 myles so far, which is over 300/month. I won't push in October if I don't feel like running, I'm more than likely going to go back to Cyclocross racing and get in the pool a couple times a week.

I mentioned next year. I have a very loose structure what it will look like so I might as well tell you: Chuckanut, Kokopelli FKT, Jemez, HardRock, CT FKT, Leadville or Wasatch. The big deal for me is obviously the Colorado Trail FKT. I've done the trail once and vowed never to go back but it is calling my name to give an honest crack at the FKT. A lot can change but that's what I'm currently thinking about. In addition, PI is setting the incentive schedule right now so that could drive other races to pop up.

Speaking of Pearl Izumi, we are currently in the selection process for next year. Lots of talented runners out there, both men and women vying for a few slots. My role has changed a bit but before I say anything about the team I will wait until the official team has been announced. Look for something in the middle of October. It is going to be an exciting year for Pearl Izumi Ultra running team!

I think that's all for now. Outside of watching some football and checking on my fantasy football team all day, typing this post has actually made me feel like I accomplished something today. Talk to you all soon.
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