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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chalk one up for America's Team

Ho-Hum..... another victory for the Dallas Cowboy's. No controversy when the boy's win unlike some other local professional football team here in Denver, CO. Did anyone see how convenient it was that instant replay was not working during the Champ Baily "fumble" recovery? Did anyone see Jay Cutler "fumble" the football as he raised his arm? And to think my mother-in-law would call me and kackle in my ear about beating my second favorite team the San Diego Chargers. I guess when you don't know anything about football (not to mention being a front runner) you'll take a win anyway you can get it - right Rae Jean?

btw - Myles is wearing a Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys QB) jersey. ....and QB stands for Quarter Back

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