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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Amidst my own 21 mile run today I watched the Bandera 100K trail National Championship via Great coverage once again Bryon!

Pearl Izumi Ultra running team was in full force today to include veterans Nick Clark and Darcy Africa, rising -check that- bonfide star Timothy Olson, and new addition Dylan Bowman. I woke up this morning and had that excitement as if I were racing today. Just what I needed to motivate me for my own 3 hour run. Great results today - Timothy Olson 100K trail National Champ (8.28:38), Dylan Bowman 4th place (8.40:05), Nick Clark 5th place (8.57:30). Darcy had to call it quits at the 50K mark because of hamstring issues - get better quick Darcy! Speaking of Darcy, here's a recent article in Outside online. Check out the photo below - even Joe Uhan (8.38:53) is sportin PI. And don't let Mackey (8.38:28) fool you, he is a secret Pearl lover too!

Timothy Olson, Dave Mackey, Joe Uhan, Dylan Bowman, Nick Clark Photo Bryon Powell

Lately with all the travel I've had the best intentions of running on the road but when it comes right down to it, I am so tired once I get to the hotel if I do run I am totally not into it. Result is poor quality of runs. The positive spin is now I'm visiting the same places more frequently so now I know where most of the trails are located. For instance, the Leona Divide and Angeles Crest are run near Arcadia and Sierre Madre and I have been staying near there for my past couple of visits to California. Now I will make it a point to find a Marriott (gotta get points) in those cities even if I have to travel to Santa Barbara for the day.

Today's race at Bandera has inspired me to train hard no matter how tired I am. Thanks guys!

Last thing, here is my race schedule for 2012. Still a lot of unconfirmed but this is what I'm looking at for 2012:

Here's to a successful 2012 with family, work, running, and friends!
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