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Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 18-24

Happy Pioneer day to those who celebrate it! I remember living in Utah and having this day as a vacation day. I guess no one in Utah is working tomorrow huh? I'll have a Modus Hoperandi and toast the Pioneers! This weekend was simply gorgeous here in Colorado. It was hot but manageable. I fully intended to get high this weekend with CRUD to avoid the heat but I just did not have the energy to drive anywhere. So I stayed close to home and enjoyed the foothills.
I spent the better part of the week in Santa Monica, CA - perfect training for the upcoming SpeedGoat 50K race... flat, super highway of a path on the beach, sea level. Just gotta laugh at the timing of that trip. I will tell you though that I am feeling quite strong right now despite the flatness of the week. For instance, at Deer Creek yesterday I managed 8:50 pace with nearly 5K of climbing. Somehow the desire and motivation has returned and not much time to spare before UTMB, which is a short 33 days away.

I am really looking forward to racing and seeing family and friends next week in Utah. Too bad I can't stay for the OR show. Here is my week in review:

Sunday - Grigs 8 myles

Total - 66 myles, 9997 ft of climbing, 8 hrs 33 mins

This past week I pulled some workouts from the Paul Dewitt files from yester-year. His approach was centered around quality and not quantity while incorporating some steeps. I think it's always a good idea to mix things up to make it fresh and that's all I'm doing here; trying to keep it fresh and exciting for this 41 year old soul.

And last I put this picture up because it's strange how cyclical things are in life. Soccer, which once was the life blood of my life, has re-entered in the form of Myles. He shows a lot of interest just kicking the ball around, putting on his soccer uniforms and such. Last week I did a skills session for one of my colleagues son (and friends) in Seward, NE, last night we went to a Rapids MLS game. I have a feeling the shift back to soccer is starting to happen again... I don't mind a'tall.
Sportin the Weber State Wildcats purple
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