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Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 25-May 1

Another solid week comes to a close but not without incident. Mileage is picking up week over week as well as more specific leg turn over stuff. With that comes danger of riding the edge too close and injury becomes possible. In fact, for the last 3 weeks I've been noticing a little hitch in my left lower back that was more noticeable after a run, sitting for awhile, then trying to walk. The pain radiates down my left leg (thought I had a calf thing going one) was dull at first then this last week it has gotten more painful and can't walk without a limp. I did a little research and the only thing I can come up with is some sort of Stenosis or Sciatica. I haven't taken any NSAIDS yet during training cause I want to be able to get the benefit from the pills during a race. The strange thing is that I don't notice it while running unless I start thinking about it, but then again, I haven't gone 62 myles yet. I could be overreacting at this point but man it hurts to walk.

At any rate, I'm heading out the door today to Palm Springs for a week and then straight to Miwok - you should see my bag of pills! Optygen HP, Aspirin, and Advil... hope it passes security. Here is what my week looking like:

Monday - OFF???
Wednesday - AM 8 myles HR backcountry

Total - 73 myles, 9 hrs 35 mins, 7222 ft of climbing

April overall was a good high volume month coming in at 399 myles. 1413 myles for the year.

Wonder when this guy is coming back

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