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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mar 28 - Apr 3

Another solid week. And just as I've stated before, I'm trying to train through all these spring races leading up to the big juan in June. I feel my body has adapted to the stress of running everyday with an average volume of 72 myles/week through 14 weeks for a total of 1014 through the end of March.

This past week was the first time I've actually done track work and mile repeats. The 10 x 400s on Wichita State track were an avg. of 1:19, while the 4 x mile repeats on the Highline Canal were an avg. of 5:50. I'm hoping it doesn't take very long to get the comfort of running those paces and getting the return of the leg speed. This week I also had the pleasure of running with Matt Keddington and Patrick Garcia. My schedule has been busy lately so it was actually refreshing to find time to run with these guys. Matt is looking to take down Manners at Pocatello 20 mile (that's what he said Aric) and Patrick to run away with some cashola at Cheyenne Canon 50K.

Next weekend is the American River 50 mile in Sacramento and I am a little nervous. Stacked field again. I reached back into my running logs to find out what I did to prep for AR last time and I noticed a couple of 30+ mile runs back to back down the South Platte bike path. I didn't do that this time but the volume of my training is about 20 myles higher per week plus I've got two pretty fast 50K's under my belt. But I think the volume, in of itself, will carry me through the final 19 myles of trails better than last time when I bonked pretty good after the 50K mark. It's the first 27 myles that are making me nervous. I will use the force Obe Juan.

Here is the week in review:

Tuesday - 8 myles Wichita TM
PM 6 myles The Bluffs with "The Kid" Matt Keddington
Sunday - 22 myles HR tour de trails with Patrick Garcia

Total - 80 myles, 11 hours 5 minutes, 5837 ft of climbing
March total 351 myles

Now I'm off to Washington D.C. for the week.
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