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Thursday, August 15, 2013

CTFKT attempt

CTFKT - The Colorado Trail Fastest Known Time attempt for those not familiar with trail acronyms.

Here I am again, just on the opposite end this time.  I completed the CT from Denver to Durango in 2009 but not for any record.  I simply wanted to finish and try to define my genetic potential.  It was the toughest thing I had accomplished in my life and here I go ago again.  It took me 11 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes and I finished on my 40th birthday,  averaging just over 40 myles per day.

I've said all this before.  I am just nervous and trying to stay active (mentally) as the trail awaits me tomorrow morning.  I really should be working...  Dakota wrote a great article on the CT last winter, in which, he quoted me:

"The trail—in all its splendor, majesty and drama—is long enough to indoctrinate a soul to the natural world and leave behind the material one. I became one with the trail as it took me through the most scenic areas of the Rockies, the famed mineral belt, high above the old mining towns. Each day the trail welcomed me back with relentless climbs and asked me to redefine my limits. It’s much bigger than I am; it forever shaped my character, and will continue to inspire me"

I still feel this way 4 years after finishing the trail.  I look forward to the journey and all the disconnectedness that comes with it!
You can follow my journey here: or here
You can also follow me on twitter for updates: @mexiFast #ctfkt and Facebook

Waterton canyon here I come!
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