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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pearl Izumi 2013

Not sure why I decided to put up a blogpost because for all intents and purposes, this thing is dead.  I've come to the computer several times over the past year to shut it down but just don't have the heart.  There is some good content on here and I find myself referring back to see what my fitness was like in any one month.  When I started the blog it was to log my workouts so friends and family could keep tabs on my fitness.  But now there are so many other avenues to log workouts on the computer, I just don't see the utility anymore.  Not to mention brevity is key, and with such media venues as Twitter and Facebook the blog becomes a thing of the past.  But for the sake of tradition I'll blog about important stuff and link it to my FB and Twitter accounts.

There has been talk about the Pearl Izumi Ultra running team folding.  Why would PI do such a thing when the attention was at an all time high, not to mention the launching of a new shoe line: E:Motion?  I'll put all rumors to rest by saying that the PI Ultra running team did not fold, it just changed shape.  Here is an official statement from the PI headquarters:

“We have decided to aggressively expand our trail and ultra presence in 2012 through a program called Team PI which is a grassroots program developed in concert with our rep and retailers.  In 2012 Team PI grew to 55-60 athletes across the country . This proved so successful that in 2013 that we want to grow that program to 250 members of the running community many who are a part of the trail and ultra community. Growing this program from the ground up awards many athletes a chance to be a part of PI and brings us brand awareness across the country.  There is also a direct tie to retailers. The expanded Team PI is an evolution of the concept started with the elite team and is intended to support the program with a broad base and a few highly visible athletes. We are aggressively evaluating new athletes for 2013 so, visit our facebook page to find out if a Team PI program exists in your territory and to learn more.”

7 years ago when Aric Manning, myself, and Bob Africa met for the first time in Moab to discuss the Pearl Izumi Ultra running team, it was by meer coincidence.  Aric had branded some Pearl Izumi shirts with the Smith logo for me and we were looking for additional sponsors to fully outfit a team.  I just so happened to be running with Bob Africa during Moab Red Hot 55K and he noticed my Peak I Pearl Izumi running shoes and started asking how I liked the shoes.  I began to tell my story as to why I love PI.  Little did I know Bob actually worked for PI and designed the very shoes I was wearing.  The rest is history.  The one thing I remember is that we all agreed that we wanted a small group of talented runners who loved to be on the race scene, hang out afterwards and have a beer together.  A group that genuinely was fun-loving.  I feel we accomplished that over the years.  But we all know nothing lasts forever and as business' morph so do areas of focus and marketing strategies.  So I say to Aric Manning and all those runners who flew the PI flag - thank you for making the team and Pearl Izumi products what they are today.    

Moving into 2013 I will once again fly the PI flag and hopefully it will be a year to remember in the racing and adventure department.  I am no spring chicken anymore but every time I see Karl Meltzer take down another 100 mile race, I'm inspired.  So we will see what the pins have left in them.  Here is my 2013 schedule:

Buffalo Run 50 - March 23rd

Zane Gray 50 - April 27th
PCT 50 - May 11th
Jemez 50 - May 25th
Hardrock 100m - July 12th
Colorado Trail - August 6th-13th (more to come on this juan)

Here's to 2013 and health!

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