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Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 30 - June 5

My 10 day 'camp' ended today. Final tally was 177 myles, 29,756 ft of climbing, and just over 26 hours on the feet. In fact, in a 7 day period I logged 124 myles and 22K of climbing.

Why 10 days you might ask? Well to be quite honest it was the amount of time, after all my travel, until I had to start the proper taper. It just came out to be 10 days. My initial goal was 200 myles and 30K of climbing so I didn't quite make those numbers but I didn't think about easy days either. Overall, pretty happy with my fitness. Now it is time to dial it in! I've never been good about a proper taper so this is where Lucho cinches down the bolts and makes me sharper than razors edge. The volume will come down but the intensity will go up. And hopefully over the next 3 weeks I will unload the fatigue and restore the endocrine system.

On another note, I commented last week that it was a 3 man race for the Montrail Cup. It is and it isn't. I read on Mackey's blog that all he had to do was finish WS to win it... I was perplexed so I went back to actually read the rules. Turns out they take the 4 highest scores. And as Dan Olmstead commented on my blog, Mackey is up by ~7 hours, based on a 15.30 winner at WS. Dan is up on me by ~20 minutes and PI teammate TAO is behind me by 2 hours. Now it's all predictive of the winners' time at WS but at least that gives us a ballpark figure. There is no doubt in my mind Mackey deserves the cup, he has been relentless by winning all his MUC races.

Last, I watched the news last night and saw that the Sierra's got blasted with another foot of snow! Maybe I should get some insurance on my plane tickets huh? I can't see them canceling WS but you never know. I happen to like all the snow. Reminiscent of Hard Rock.

Here's how the week unfolded:

Thursday - AM 8 myles KC
PM 8 myles HR backcountry
Friday - 6 myles East/West trail (some with Jaxon)

Total - 107 myles, 14 hrs 31 mins, 17,003 ft of climbing

I'll leave you with this photo I took from last year at the pre-race.

Check out the guy on the far left. That guy is SERIOUS!
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